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Why Choose Handy Hector?

Our business is founded on the idea that having a handyman shouldn’t be hard. Before starting this business, we’ve heard family and friends complain that they “just can’t find someone reliable,” or “our last handyman left the whole house a wreck and the job fell apart a week later.” 

We’re better than that. We’re your home repair partner. We’re your handyman service. We’re a company that stands behind our work and is going to be honest with you as a client about when, where, and how much a project will cost. We’ll call you back. We’ll put you on the calendar. We’re not going to leave tools in your walls or “disappear into craigslist.” If we can’t do it safely, we’ll tell you and recommend a specialist company that can.

When you choose Handy Hector, you’re choosing a bonded and insured family business that will only hire staff that have passed a background check. You’re choosing local. You’re choosing to have a good job done by an honest team.

Reasons #1, #2, and #3: We’re Bonded Insured and Licensed

“Craigslist Jimmy” isn’t bonded and insured so when he backs his truck over your fence or installs a new outlet that causes a fire, he can just hop in his truck and go down the road. Are you willing to trust your home to that? When our company is your home improvement partner, you can feel safe for you and your home that you’re protected.  

Reason #4: Our Business Lives on Repeat Customers

We’re serious about being your home repair partner. Roughly 80% of our business are repeat customers because we try to spot problems for you that can be solved with routine maintenance before they become emergency (expensive) repairs. We stand behind our work not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we want you to be customers for life.  

Reason #5: We’re Your Neighbors

We live in Savannah and we’ve made it our home. There may be other handyman services based from larger cities that have set up shop in Savannah, and we wish them well too. But after our neighbors have told us how hard it is to find a reliable handyman, we know this is a need in our community. We’ve been through the hurricane prep with you and we’ve pulled those 14 hours days after the storm so that your roof was patched before another rain came. We don’t price gouge to make a quick buck. We’re your partner. 


We’re a small family based company. Bios coming soon!