Rental Property Showing Hourly... $85

Fixture Install Electrical Labor... $125

New Fan Unboxing Electrical Labor ... $125

TV Mount Labor ... $150

Drywall Small 2x2 Materials and Labor ... $360

Drywall Full Panel 4x8 Materials and Labor ... $560

Interior Hollow Door Install Carpentry Labor... $350

Exterior Front with Sidelight or Back Sliding Door Install Carpentry and Materials ... $1200

Toilet Install Labor ... $200

Toilet Flange Install Labor ... $150

Dryer Vent Cleanout Labor ... $110

Service Visit for Rentals ... $125


In-person estimates provide project projections for labor, materials and timeline. ... $100

Contact for Design Quotes

Projects over $1000 require 50% deposit at the time of booking.

Payment due upon services rendered. Material do not incur mark-up and receipts will be provided. If situational needs exceed expected quote, owner will be notified prior to work performed. Never after.